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LP PAE /PAIR wat PiKunTong
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  • Creator 师傅/庙名: LP PAE /PAIR wat PiKunTong
  • Years made 年份 : B.E.2514 or 1971 A.D
  • Main Material 原料 : BAI-LAN (Clay/Powder mixed with Herb)
  • Good Effective for : Protect: from any dangers and hard accident, prevents life
  • Size : See on photo, if not clear please email me
  • FrameCase : As Show on listing, if not show please email me

* Come with Certification guarantee card*.

Phra  Rod of LP Pae is well known in Thailand and Asia nations as it has great powerful. Lp pae himself consecrated this PHRA-ROD  batch for the royal thai soldiers going for war at that time. Maha ut  experienced protection from harm and danger, some believe to be gun stopper, bullet cannot penetrate . Original edition, not remake    

capacity to pick up benevolence and cherishing among encompassing individuals. Likewise it offers insurance to wearer. Great special amulet for gathering and wearing on awesome for insurance, riches, good fortune, and progression in all that you do.

Useful for bring significantly adored by others all around (metta maha niyom), Powerful fascination cash lavishly riches, likewise keep life and security from and risky or hard mischance can not hurt you.

His LP PAE Life story

LP Pae was conceived in BE 2448, Singburi Province, Thailand

he was at last made Abbot at the plain youthful age of 26 in BE2474 six years after the fact with the assistance of Luang Phor See of Wat Praphrand, he droned his first bunch of special necklaces to help back re-development of the sanctuary.

From that date onwards LP Pae turned out to be notable as a priest who made great talismans after Jackie chan fall of the simple abnormal state clock tower with outer scratches while wearing the LP Pae Phra Somdej !!!

Luang Phor Pae's talismans are kept by numerous Thais particularly Singburi and Bangkok zones since they regard him alot for the things that he have improved the situation them. Particularly the youthful kids that grew up to grown-ups, they likewise kept a considerable lot of his special necklaces for regard to their instructor who thought about them since youthful. Luang Phor additionally made numerous Somdej and numerous other blessed ornaments for the raising of assets for healing facilities, beneficent causes like building streets, building schools and to encourage the poor.

For LP Pae ornaments, he has prevail with regards to utilizing Chinnabarnchorn to favor them. Why we say he succeed, the significance is that all his Somdej special necklaces which he favored with Chinnabarnchorn, devotees can feel the impacts of Metta Maha Niyom when they wear it.

There are numerous fruitful individuals and agent wears his talisman felt the impact as well. at the point when Luang Phor Pae begins to get ready for the sanctification of his special necklaces, Luang Phor will dependably go to Wat Mai alone (a sanctuary close to Wat Rakang) for paying admiration and interface profoundly with Somdej Toh and he will reflect there for a long time without sustenance and water before returning to begin his consecretion function at Wat Pikulthong.

LP Pae passed on at 94 years old in BE 2542 and put in over 70 years in priest hood. A memorial burial service was held at Wat Pikulthong under the support of the Thai Royal Family among a few different dignitaries. With awesome benefits, Luang Phor's notoriety kept on spreading to all parts of the world even after he monarat for over 10 years. Great Cause (Amulets are made to help individuals in need),

Great Blessings (Chinnabunchorn Blessings) and A Good Teacher (Luang Phor Pae), there are the majority of the reasons why individuals regard his fortune Luang Phor's talismans to such an extent.

This is a very fine amulet piece, it was incantation and bless with Good powerful magic.

KHATA for this item:No need to pray Khata.

It is a mantras phonetic Praying word to consecrate and control power of this item. If temple give khata with item. I will do it to audio MP3 file and send to buyer within 7day after package ship out. If buyer not received please email to Ask me again.T

More information of this item:

This item come Along with the Certificate of Authenticity. Limited mintage to pieceworldwide

Please note:

This below  is top 4 Thailand Association Company Of Experts To Verify Your Precious Thailand Amulet. All top 4 is Most famous trusted and accepted by international collector included Thai, Chinese-Malaysia and Chinese-Singapore about verification standard with highest correct.

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Additional information of BEN-JA-PAR-KEE
'BEN-JA-PAR-KEE' is meaning the famous set of amulet, Thailand people know and called as 'Top 5 in RANKING Set- King of thai amulet'  them come from 5 Place in thailand.
In this set include 5 amulet that is
1. Nang Pa Ya
2. Lee-Lar
3. Suem Kor or PHA ROD
4. Somdej Wat Rakang
5. Pong Su Pan

Phra Rod (Saved from dangerous)

Phra Rod is the most famous amulet from Lumpoon Province of Northern Thailand. Phra Nang Cham Thewi the Queen who ruled the city state of Hariphunchai in the north part of Thailand built 4 temples of good fortune to protect the land. She invited 4 great hermits into the ceremony. 

The 4 hermits have created :Phra Sukaputtapatima: by each own and keep safe in 4 temples North, South, West and East in the purpose to expand Buddha religion. :Phra Sukaputtapatima: is Amulets which were made by the 4 Hermits. Phra Perm, Phra Bang, Phra Khong, Phra Liang and Phra Rod.

Phra Rod the name came from :Narata Rorsee: or :Rorsee Narata: this hermit name was :Narata: change to :NaRod: in later time. Once people found the amulets at Wat Mahawan, they started to call :Phra Rod:.

Legend said that Phra Sukkatunta and Phra Suthewa have a meeting with 108 hermits in the ceremony to create Hariphunchai’s amulets by bringing in 4 clay from different land, 1000 medicines, 1000 herbs, many flowers. All mixed then put in molds, then chant with spell by 108 hermits. These amulets were given among Thai soldiers and people. 


Phra Rod Amulets are made with smooth clay and have white, red, green, brown colours. PhraRod is one of most famous 5 amulets from Thailand. The amulets bless strong protection, bullet proof and the oldest amulets in the set of Benjapakee.

First discovered during the earlier days of King Rama 5 reign when a pagoda from Wat Mahawan in Lumphun province. The Thai people regard this particular amulet as Buddha of Escape, they have superb Buddhistic power, especially in protection and being safe from all dangers and disasters or misfortunes. They are made of clay and the oldest once are over 1,250 years old. 


If you enquired about an amulet that could protect you from evil and dangers, one of the many amulets cited may be the Phra Rod Wat Mahawan Buddha amulet. This amulet has over thousands of history and legend attached to it. 


According to the ancient legend of Haripoonchai City or Lumpoon, a northern province of Thailand. The city was completely built by a group of ascetics purely by the power of magic. Once constructed the ascetics had to consider a suitable ruler for the city. Eventually, they concluded that, Pricess Charma Dhevi, the daughter of the King of Lawar, was the most suitable person to take over the throne. Therefore, they invited Pricess Charma Dhevi from Lawa Pura or Lopburi Province to be the Queen of Haripoonchai City, and thus she became first ruler of this ancient city.


The legend also said that every town along the way that the princesses procession had passed became peaceful and the residents dwelt in a happy environment. This was all due to her prestige and grandeur. The decision made by the ascetics to choose her as the ruler was absolutely right.


During the ceremony to establish her as the first ruler of Haripoonchai City, the ascetics created many amulets to protect the queen and the ancient city, including with all the local people. It was said that, the ascetics, led by Phra Vasudhep and Phra Sutunta, had brought all the amulets they created to fill an ancient pagoda of Wat Mahawan, which was the temple built by Princess Charma Dhevi, or Queen Charma Dhevi. 


Around thousand years later, both the temple and the pagoda were torn up by time. 


But the holy amulets remained in situ peacefully underground were they had been buried all that time ago.


Pim Yai

Pim Krang

Pim Lek

Pim Tor 


All kinds of ingredients mentioned above are thoroughly mixed in bulk.  The five molds named as follows;


Pim Yai

Pim Krang

Pim Lek

Pim Tor

Pim Teun 


In the year B.E. 2480, a local peaple had found an amulet protruding from the ground at the vicinity of Wat Mahawan. He took the amulet back home to worship and found that the amulet had special powers to protect him from danger on many occasions. That's why the amulet was named :Phra Rod:, because the word Rod in the Thai language means :saved owner from danger:.


After that the local had told the story to his friends and soon it became a :Biggest News: in Lumpoon Province. Scores of people hastily went to the temple and attempted to recover further amulets by digging into every part of the temple ground. The more they dug, the more amulets were found. As a result they never stopped digging until the whole ground of the temple was riddled with holes. It was said that they had dug for several days continuously until nothing further was found. 


Apart from their holy power, Phra Rod Wat Mahawan amulets are considered to be priceless, part of Thailand's valuable ancient heritage. Even though thousand years had passed, the amulets were unbelievably in superb condition which might be said is proof of the holiness of Phra Rod Wat Mahawan amulets. Amulet experts said that Phra Rod Wat Mahawan amulets were all in good shape, after the diggers cleaned them with water, they could see every line and emboss of the amulets so clearly.


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