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LP OLE (Arjarn/Ajarn O) wat PutaSaTanWiHanTam
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information about this item

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100%原银奉还 如果验证是假。

100%正牌不是陰牌 !!

Items Specifications :



  • Creator 师傅/庙名: LP OLE (Arjarn/Ajarn O) wat PutaSaTanWiHanTam
  • Years made 年份 : B.E.2560 or 2017 A.D
  • Main Material 原料 : Bronze Maha Chanuan (Recircle Old Amulets )
  • Good Effective for : Several supernatural good wealth Useful & Effective
  • Size : See on photo, if not clear please email me
  • FrameCase : As Show on listing, if not show please email me

*Full Insert with holy stuff mixed. All in one items*.

This Hand Made Bracelets Have Compilation 5 Type of Takud Together. For This Special Version, Phra Achan Oh Wrote Yan  on the Metal Plates Before Melt Together With Ancient Bronze That Got From Underground Because Ancient Bronze Is the Secret Material Which Will Make the Amulet Has Magical Power in Case of Fulfillment & Success.

Each Takud Has Different Effective Power Compilation 5 Way Powerful of This Takud as

1.takud  Aug-ka-lo Leader & Boss Command Magic:
Use to Pray for Wealth, Luck and Money. Who Don’t Have Lover, Will Have a Lover. Who Don’t Have Money, Will Have More Money.
“poor Person Will Be a Millionaire, Milionaire Will Be a Baron, Baron Will Be a Nobleman, Nobleman Will Be a King, King Will Be an Emperor.”

2.takud  Sand Pool of Wealthy:
This Takud Will Make Your Asset Increase Continuously Like as the Water Seep Out From the Sand Pool. Who Don't Have Money, Will Be More Comfortable and Get Better in Financial Status. Who Have Much Money, Will Have More Until Can Not Shovel All in Time. It Will Help the Owner to Be a Millionaire in the Coming Future. It Will Attract Money and Wealth and Keep It in the Long Run Like as All Assets Were Folded and Collected in the Safe Place So, the Owner of This Takrud Will Get Money and Wealth Endlessly Without Any Loss Same as the Sand Pool Which Never Be Full No Matter How Much Water It Take.

Can Be Used to Put in the Flowerpot or Joss Stick Pot in Front of Home or Shop for Both Side to Attract Luck, Money and Customer Effectively.

According to the Legend, the Magic Subject Named "Wealthy Pool" Is One of Ancient Magic Spell From 128 Spells of Mae Punturat. She Used This Wealthy Pool Spell to Control the Silver Pool and Gold Pool in Her Palace. It Is Amazing That Those Pool Always Have Silver and Gold Seep Out All the Time and Never Be Dry. Sangthong Covered His Body With Gold in This Gold Pool Also.

The People in the Former Times Have Intellect to Find Out the Water Resource to Use in Diary Life. They Will Dig the Sand Pool to Be Shallow and the Water Will Seep Out Endlessly. Therefore, the Meaning of Proverb "Water Wells in the Sand" Mean Unlimited Resource or Valuable Thing Which Can Be Grabbed Endlessly No Matter How Long or How Much.

Phra Achan Oh Made This Takrud Wealthy Pool Once Again Because the Previous Version Was Guaranteed by Many Disciples Which Have More Money and Better Financial Status. Phra Achan Oh Also Wrote the Yant Wealthy Pool on the Plate to Use as the Holy Material for Every Version of Mae Punturat Amulets.

3.takud Luck-chok Kamoy Dung Lucky Stealing:
No Matter Wherever You Stay, No Matter Whoever Stay Nearby You. The Person Who Have This Takrud Will Have Superior Luck Than Others at All.

Phra Arjarn Oh Have Created Stealing Luck Takrud for Solve This Problem Effectively. Who Don't Have Luck Will Have Luck, Who Have Bad Fortune Will Have Good Fortune, Who Was Never Win Big Prize Will Win the Big Prize!!

If You Have to Face Someone That Have Luck More Than You Then You Will Steal Luck From Them. "Normally, Stealing Is Bad Thing in the World but for the World of Spirit, Stealing Luck From Other Is Something You Can Do Without Guilty" Good Thing Which Make You Get Good Luck Immediately.

Overcome Others Luck, if You Have to Competitive With Others You Will Be Lucky Than Them.

4.takud  Ngern-lan  the Million Money Magic:

"Who Has This Takud Will Earn a Lot of Money and Befome to Be a Millionaire Soon"

The Million Money Katha Is One of Katha That Phra Arjarn O Always Use to Pray Regularly. Therefore, the Takrud Millionaire Is Great for Money and Wealth. Who Has This Takrud Will Got Money Million in Hand and Smooth Financial Status.

The Owner Can Pray for Money, Wealth, Luck and Business. Can Be Kept in the Pocket, Safe, Shop or House for Wealthy Attraction and Raising Money to Become the Millionaire in the Coming Future.

5. TAKUD SA-NAE-JAI-KARD Heart of hottest loves:

Great attraction mind + Catch love sexual.  increase your charm and attraction. Whoever being close will fascinate with you and have sexual feeling like as the heart will be hottest.

if you stay far away. Can be used to sway in the water to feed the person you like.  Moreover, you can write  the name of person you interested or any wishes on a paper and then put inside this Takud to make the person you like always thinking of you or things you want come true.

This is a very fine amulet piece, it was incantation and bless with Good powerful magic.

KHATA for this item:MP3 available (Download).

It is a mantras phonetic Praying word to consecrate and control power of this item. If temple give khata with item. I will do it to audio MP3 file and send to buyer within 7day after package ship out. If buyer not received please email to Ask me again.T

More information of this item:

Additional information about LEKLAI (A Magical Metal)

LekLai which means in Thailand literally as " Metal substance which can be movement like fluid ".

Leklai is regarded as a rare magical metal that forms naturally and possesses biological properties. It is probably only one of the most famous sacred substances in Thailand. It is believed that this sacred substance can release magic powers in a variety of ways to helping owner far from dangerous or accident and also expelling enemies or bad animals, Helping change owner become to millionaire.

LekLai is the mysterious substance. it is Supernatural power and very competent. it is able to multiplying, can be disappearing, can be reappearing, can be growing, and can be stopping projectile weapons from functioning. it is a Sacred Substance which has been the source of Legend attributed with Miraculous Powers.

LekLai is extremely rare items because it is a creation of mother nature alone and only stay in deep inaccessible caves which hidden in dense jungles. Moreover, it has been reported on many individuals have lost their lives in the quest to source this substances. 

How to get LekLai

Nowadays. Hard to Find people with magic formula to can cut and take Leklai from cave wall.

There is not much because have to use monk whom not greed  and he must has strongest power (Ka-Sin Power) because psychic elements may made them Death.

It also need the correctly Rituals. Monk have to take Time to do a big ceremony considerably Remade in bringing and cut Leklai come out from cave wall.

Identity of LekLai

LekLai has many different type, forms, shapes and sizes, there are literally hundreds of each different looking.


Real LekLai has an oily shiny surface and reflects the light.It displays many tones and color variations, and is astonishingly beautiful some time it looks transparent and glassy when immersed in holy water. There is the Great Power in it.

The Qualities and Identity of LekLai :
It resides within the walls of caves that are cool and damp, with no bats living in there.
It can remain in a static form or move or disappear, stretch and condense itself.
It can block any energy fields, waves or frequency channels.
Guns will not fire in the LekLai area.
It can make hot water become cold in an instant.
It consumes the phosphorous of bullets and gun shells.
It can emit a Fragrant Aroma.
It can heal illnesses or injuries if laid on the place that is affected.
It can become lighter or heavier or Magnetic.
It can appear from nowhere. If they to be thrown , it can be find way back to start point.
Leklai all kinds is very sacred and powerful

Price of LekLai will depend on size and color. Different color will effective different power.

There are 7 Major colors of LekLai :
1. Glossy Black with Blue or Green (like Jewel beetle wing)
2. Light Brown or Dark Brown (sometime look like red)
3. Dark violet or Magenta (like Mangosteen)
4. Silvery color (like mercury), Some time look Gray
5. Golden color, Some time look yellow
6  Creamy white (like Milk or color of Tooth)
7  Rainbow colors mixture seven colors. When the lights, it will have iridescent sparkling color.

LekLai Can change color is Fantastic. From green, change is blue or Green glimpse gold, and red glassy gold.

Asian people also believe in Leklai, such as in malaysia they called it Buesi-Sue-lae which has the same meaning as the Thai word Leklai. (moving metal). The belief in leklai has grown throughout Asia for the last 1,000 years.

Thailand people believe this LekLai can protect owner. All dangerous will not be able to any harm for believer,  particularly in helping owner expelling dangerous enemies or animals. Believer in Thailand, China and Tibet will often called it as “The Heaven Metal”. It has been used as amulets for centuries . this items amulet conjured up from Holy Cave Lek Lai elemental substance, with the fire Kasina Ritual.

LekLai Good for :
- Protection you from your occult, black magic, an evil power.
- help in be invulnerable.
- Add  ascendancy.
- Good trade.
- Good luck.
- Add ascendancy.
- Things a great inducement to the owner.
- Can protection genii.
- Protection you from your occult, black magic, an evil power.
- Protect you from poisonous animals Suck the poison out of the body
 - Rebalancing element in the body.

Even today, there are not many people who can actually describe the properties of this sacred substance in much detail. The fact that we cannot see or cannot prove the existence of something does not mean it is not real. Many of Supernatural phenomena are what people doubt but cannot utterly deny.  In Thailand, LekLai is a substance that cannot be explained by the laws of science. Yet, some people have great faith in LekLai power.

The following are size charts to help you pick the size best suited to you.

When choosing your bracelet size first measure your wrist.

If you have any questions or need any help choosing your ideal size, feel free to send me a message


YHAN or Yant is Traditional Thai Holy alphabet Tattoo spell.

Yant is Originally derived from the Sanskrit word YHAN-TRA is meaning as holy alphabet / letter of magic spell

Yant is a Sacred geometrical design that provide powers of protection and various blessings through Buddhist psalms and magical formulas. The Buddhist psalms written in Thai or Khmer script around the yant are know as “Khata”.  A Khata is also known as Mantra (magic spell) in other meaning, the word Mantra is a Sanskrit word meaning Prayer.

For hundreds of years, Thai and Khmer warriors where renowned and feared for the magical markings Yant tattooed on their skin. These markings yant were a mix of Buddhist psalms and prayers, and shamanistic spells and sorcery that had survived the Religious transition from the pre-Buddhist, Hindu era and had been incorporated in the belief system of the newly born Buddhist countries.


Other, more complex and complicated YANT designs such as animals and sacred geometry are seen as advanced talismans for more serious and dedicated believers.  If you are a westerner who is looking for your first Yant, 95% of the time it will be one of these designs.


ยันต์นั้น มีเรื่องราวที่ถูกบันทึกและสืบทอดมาตั้งแต่สมัยโบราณ พบเห็นอยู่ทั่วไปผ่านการสัก แต่จะแตกต่างกันไปตามความเชื่อและวัฒนธรรมของแต่ละภูมิภาค ในประเทศไทยยันต์ลวดลายที่นิยมกันอย่างแพร่หลายในบรรดาผู้ที่นิยมการสักคือ ลวดลายอักขระที่ให้ผลทางไสยศาสตร์ซึ่งแบ่งเป็น 2 ชนิด คือเพื่อผลทางเมตตามหานิยม และเพื่อผลทางอยู่ยงคงกระพันชาตรีให้แคล้วคลาดจากของมีคม อุบัติเหตุ หรืออันตรายทั้งปวง

ยันต์เมตตามหานิยม เป็นตัวแทนของความมีเสน่ห์เป็นที่รักใคร่ของคนทั่วไป โดยเฉพาะให้ผลดีทางการเจรจา ค้าขายทำให้เจริญรุ่งเรืองทำมาค้าขึ้น ส่วนลายสัก

ยันต์อยู่ยงคงกระพันชาตรี จะนิยมสักลวดลายซึ่งเป็นตัวแทนความดุร้ายความปราดเปรียว ความสง่างาม ความกล้าหาญ ได้แก่ลายเสือเผ่น หนุมานคลุกฝุ่น หงส์ และลายสิงห์ เป็นต้น หรือเป็นลายที่เปรียบเสมือนเกราะป้องกันภยันตรายต่างๆ

ความนิยมในยันต์ด้านไสยศาสตร์นี้ จึงมีเกจิอาจารย์เกิดขึ้นมากมายเป็นทั้ง พระ-ฆราวาส บางรูปบางคนมีชื่อเสียงมากเป็นที่นิยมของคนมากมาย โดยเฉพาะคนดังมีชื่อเสียงด้านบันเทิง นักกีฬา ทั้งชายและหญิง ไม่เพียงแต่คนดังในประเทศไทยเท่านั้น ไปถึงต่างประเทศที่นิยมเข้ามาสักยันต์ด้านไสยศาสตร์มากมายเช่นกัน 

TAKUD(ตะกรุด) is a metal sheet which the Monk/Master would inscribe holy alphabet (yant) by his hand . After that, monk/Master will Blessing magic incantation with intended meditation and sacred spell (mantra-khata)  until feel Sacred energy and power was ingrained inserted inside Takud. When finish monk/master will rolled sheet as a tubular

Takud have many different size depend on what Spell alphabet  inside. So if bigger that meaning has more spell and more powerfull and effective.

Takrud is well-known amulet of Thais for a long time. Thai people believed that takud  is very powerful and holy. Takud occurred in Thailand since Ayudhaya period and still going on strong today and will be for the next many years to come.

Majority  takud was well-known for great protection. In fact, takud  has various benefits such as invulnerable, pokkasap (wealth), Metta Mahaniyom (great kindness and charming) as well as protection from black magic devils and accident.

wearing kit for item: as shown on photo of listing (if not shown you can contact seller for additional purchase )

  • Frame case will beautiful and best shape fit for amulet.
  • Frame case will made by high quality metal material for long time wearing with every day / every where.
  • Necklace will a long chain to easy move pass a head, and a lovely design match with an amulet pendant.
  • wearing kit can suit any garments and fine in any season.
  • Wearing this amulet pendants necklace on any occasion can make you look fashion and charming.

Don't miss it !!!

 Optional for this item (Additional)

  • Add Nylon necklace string for wear. Click Here
  • Add Stainless steel necklace string for wear. Click Here
  • Put in a  Metal  FRAME CASE fit for wear. Click Here
  • Do a waterproof frame case for wear. Click Here
  • Do Verify and get a Certificate of authentic card Click Here

Please read all before Purchase !!!



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