TURTLE Talisman !!

TURTLE Talisman !!

Additional information of Pha-Ya-Tow (Turtle amulet)

According to the Chinese traditional Feng Shui science “Tow” or turtle is a kind of good fortune animal because they just kept on walking forward and onward and never backwards, a sign of prosperity, fertility, and long life.

Normally on the face of amulet will insert image of Phra SangKaChai who bring Happiness, laughter, abundance, wisdom and contentment. Both side will  inscribe featured with Powerful sacred fully Yant ( Holy ancient alphabet  recipe). Wow very effectiveness.

The Pha-Ya-Tow amulet is original made by LP LIEW of way RaiTangThong since year 1973. He was the guru monk who makes the King Turtle amulets (Phaya Tow). The Phaya Tow (King Turtle) became the symbol of  him.  He has been an expert of concentration of mid fulness in Buddhism way and passed away on 4 September BE 2543.

the power of Pha-Ya-Tow (Turtle amulet) beleive will good for bring success in Business, Prosperity, Fertility and Long life. Wealthy fetching, Dispel all evil dangers and troubles.