ChuChok (lucky oldman) !!

ChuChok (lucky oldman) !!

Additional information of CHUCHOK

Chuchok (ชูชก เทพแห่งการขอ)  is a oldman who was born in Kalingkarat province before Buddha's age. he was the one who fulfilled the merit power to PHA-WES-SAN-DON (who will became to Lord Buddha)
Chuchok was a beggar who became a millionaire, he also has a beautifully young wife from being a beggar.  He is famous as "the taker" before Buddha age because he has a mysterious miracle power. People can't disclaim when Chuchok ask for.

Thus Chuchok was recognised in Thailand as excellent in fortune and favor.  Believed people who worship Chuchok can ask good wealth and great charming from this amulet.
Some of worship experience: People could see the improvement in business and was handling alot of money and customer to shop  than before. Some people believe they can share in his "merits" and also gain that kind of prosperity. these people really get what they seek.

it is really best amulet for granting wishes and bring more charm. It bring about Good luck for your life and business. it also help attracting wealth and Good charming and also can guarding wealth.
This amulet can  wear it around your neck together with other amulet or keep in pocket or use as key chain.

Meanwhile a Brahmin called ChuChok has a young wife who is scolded by other lazier wives in her village for working too hard for her husband. She begs her husband to seek out the prince and ask him the two children as slaves. After several adventures in the jungle, ChuChok finds the prince. The children hide, but their father explains why they should go with ChuChok.
Gods masquerading as wild animals prevent their mother from returning home and intervening. Alarmed that he might also give away Princess Matsi to some unworthy person, Indra comes disguised as a Brahmin and asks for her. When Prince Vessantara gives her away, Indra reveals himself and asks the prince to look after her on his behalf. Meanwhile ChuChok loses his way in the jungle and sleeps in a tree. The gods fear for the children and guard them during the night. ChuChok then comes upon the king and queen who recognize their grandchildren. ChuChok accepts a big reward for them but later dies of gluttony.

The king and queen invite Prince Vessantara back to the palace in the city and he returns triumphantly. People believe that, the owner can ask for fortune, wealth, a beautiful wife, and unexpected richness from the Chuchok amulet.